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FAQ: Does PGM also check the performance and durability of drill bits?

Performance and durability are no requirements for the use of the PGM mark. Therefore, the user has the choice between PGM marked hammer drill bits and rotary drill bits, which are suitable for safe anchor installation, with different quality and price levels.

Generally, the quality level of drill bits with PGM mark can be assumed as higher than those of unmarked drill bits, because reliable and quality focussed drill bit manufacturers are normally certified by PGM.

Marking of PGM drill bits

PGM certified hammer drill bits (e. g. SDSplus, SDSmax) and masonry drill bits (rotary or percussion drill bits with cylindrical shank) are marked with PGM mar in addition with the name or trademark of the manufacturer and/or with a manufacturer code (two digit number or letter combination) as follows:

Sample Tools or   AB or   72

A marking only with the Inspection mark, without manufacturer name or combination of digits or letters, are not legal. If you are not sure, if a drill bit is marked correctly, please contact  pgm@pgm-online.org.