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FAQ: Why are drill bits not marked with CE?

Products may only be CE marked, if they are in the scope of a relevant European Regulation or Directive. This is not the case with drill bits for the following reasons:

  • SDS hammer drill bits and percussion drill bits are not construction products. Although they are used on construction site, they are not installed into the building like for instance anchors. Therefore they are not in the scope of the European Construction Products Regulation  (Regulation 305/2011/EU).
  • SDS hammer drill bits and percussion drill bits are also no machines and are therefore not covered by the European Machinery Directive  (Directive 2006/42/EU).
  • The only European Directive applicable to drill bits and other tools like grinding tools, technical brushes, saw blades and hand tools is the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD, 2001/65/EC). But this directive does not foresee a CE mark.

For that reasons, drill bits may not be marked with CE.